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Chris Wang

MSc  (c), BSc

Math/Science Specialist

Born in the heart of China, Chris called Taiyuan, in the province of Shanxi, home until he was 8 years old. He then moved with his family to Sydney, Australia and lived there for 5 years until the summer of 2003.  Chris’ family moved once again and have been settled in Richmond, British Columbia for the past 12 years.

Chris attended Matthew McNair Secondary School where he excelled as a student.  Since childhood, he has always had a passion for math and science and after watching “The Inner Life of the Cell” in Biology 12 became memorized by the visualization of how cells work. Chris pursued his undergraduate degree at UBC and obtained a BSc. in Biology, specializing in Cell Biology and Genetics. During his undergraduate degree, he worked as a Co-op student at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, conducting research that helped to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which prostate cancer cells can overcome the effect of chemotherapeutic drugs and develop resistance.

Currently, Chris is doing his Master’s degree in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine program at UBC.  He is supervised by Dr. Mads Daugaard and performs his research at the Vancouver Prostate Centre focusing on developing new treatment strategies for all types of cancer as well as understanding how cancer has manipulated normal cellular functions to help it survive.

Chris is not a stranger to teaching or tutoring and has been a tutor and mentor for many students. In high school he frequently tutored math and science in an after school program aimed to help underprivileged students.  He continued tutoring high school math and science courses while a student at UBC.  In addition, he spent a great deal of time training new students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinicians in the Vancouver Prostate Centre on laboratory techniques in biochemistry, genetics, microscopy, and cell biology. Through these experiences, Chris has strengthened his passion for teaching and has become a positive mentor for many students.

Outside of school and work, Chris explores his interest in physics, especially cosmology and astronomy.  During his spare time he enjoys watching documentaries and reading novels written by famous physicists, his favourite being the original Cosmos series hosted by Carl Sagan and A Brief History of Time written by Steven Hawking. When not learning about the universe Chris enjoys playing video games, paint balling with friends, and playing dodge ball in the Vancouver Dodge ball League.


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