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Jinny Hong


Junior Math Specialist, SSAT Prep Specialist, Private School Admissions Specialist

Jinny was born in Korea and moved to Vancouver with her family when she was young. She attended York House School from Grade 8 through 12, where she was on the academic honour roll each year. In 2008, she moved to Montreal to attend McGill University. There, she became passionate about studying psychology, and sought opportunities where she could apply her knowledge. In her 3rd and 4th years, she worked at the Department of Family Psychiatry in the Jewish General Hospital to conduct research on post-partum anxiety and depression. In addition, she completed an advanced clinical practicum at the Taylor Adolescent Program, specializing in adolescent learning disability. Here, she was responsible for developing and implementing individualized programs for adolescents with learning disabilities.  Jinny completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology and minors in Behavioral Science and Sociology. 

 Since graduating, Jinny has been taking additional upper level psychology courses at UBC to gain more knowledge on anxiety and mood disorders. Also, she works as a research assistant at a cognitive neuroscience lab to study mechanisms of mood dependent memory. Recently, she has gotten involved with a genetics study, examining how stressful life events interact with certain genotypes in giving rise to clinical depression and anxiety disorders. 

In terms of teaching, Jinny has been applying her knowledge in psychology and excellence in math and sciences, in tutoring elementary and high school students. She loves working with children and adolescents and helping them achieve academic excellence. In addition, she is trained to work with children with Autism using the “Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. 

Jinny enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, skiing, canoeing and stand up paddling. She also loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. On a daily basis, she likes to paint, read, go for runs on the beach, and practice yoga. 


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