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Kiran Sunar

PhD (c), MA, BA (Jt. Hons)

Kiran Sunar was born in the Kootenays, and grew up in beautiful Richmond and Vancouver. She was lovingly raised by parents who encouraged their children to work hard and think independently. The dinner table would often morph into the great debate. She spent her early years pulled between complete immersion in a swimming pool (due to being both a competitive swimmer and a water polo player) and complete immersion in a book, her greatest sadness being the impossibility of doing both activities in the same moment.

For her undergraduate degree, Kiran attended McGill University and explored many programs before taking up a Joint Honours BA in Religious Studies (with a focus on Asian Religions) and Gender Studies. Following this, Kiran moved home and pursued an MA in English Literature. She then went on to complete a Diploma in Creative Writing at SFU’s The Writer’s Studio while also working in the tech industry.

Upon realizing that there was a great deal of literature inaccessible to her in other languages (and the pity of that), Kiran began to pursue a PhD in Asian Studies, with a focus on Indian literature in the early modern period. This means that she now spends much of her time reading dictionaries in other languages. She has just returned from a 9-month fellowship in Germany where she worked on a project on the academic study of religion, ate too many pastries, and traipsed her way through Mallorca and the Greek Isles. She is delighted to be home to Vancouver where she spends her time delving into her PhD work, reading (mostly) contemporary fiction and poetry, and editing a recently completed novella. In her spare time, she also enjoys skiing, cooking, indulging in Vancouver’s theatre and fine arts worlds, and the more than occasional superhero film.


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