Admitted Students Weekend!

Grade 12 students from all over the world have been going to visit prospective colleges to which they have been admitted throughout the month of April. Decision day for accepting offers of admission is May 1 (tomorrow), and these visits provide valuable insights into what college life will be like at these schools.

For all the rising seniors (current Grade 11’s) who are starting to plan for their college applications this summer, we want you to think carefully about visiting college before you apply and after you have been admitted! The experience of getting a “feel” for a school is so important, and even more so after you have been accepted. Even if you apply Early Decision, it is still a great idea to go get an idea of what your life will be like in a few short months.

Here’s what two of our students from this past admissions cycle had to say about their visits:

After visiting Pitzer College twice, for tours, info sessions, and interviews, I got to go again, but this time, I wasn’t just another prospective student. I was an admitted student.

Since 10th grade, Pitzer has been number one on my college list. I loved the consortium, the atmosphere, the campus, and the location; however, when I was accepted Early Decision, I suddenly felt very anxious, because it really hit me that I would be spending the next four years of my life on that tiny campus, inhabited by only 1000 students.

I was so happy to have the opportunity to go to admitted students weekend at Pitzer in April of Grade 12, because I truly got a sense of student life, social and academic, on an extremely personal level. I also got to meet other prospie/ED students and we bonded right away. We’ve even created a Facebook group to break the ice and keep in touch.

I learned a lot about Pitzer from this visit. The students and professors are extremely warm, friendly, passionate, and supportive. I would describe them as “intellectual hippies”. As I relaxed in one of the hammocks on the mounds, I immediately felt at home. I knew I would fit right in at Pitzer.

This visit to Pitzer has assured me that I made the right decision applying ED. I highly recommend that other high school seniors apply ED to the college of their dreams, not because of it’s rating on the U.S. News and World Report, but because they identify with the college in every way, and they are willing to commit themselves to that college 100%. There is no other college that can offer me this extremely unique, intimate, stimulating, and tranquil environment.

-Sage L., Crofton House School ‘12


Admitted Students’ Day is amazing. No other word can perfectly sum up just how awesome it is. The people I met were some of the brightest and nicest people and the welcome I received was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Not only were students literally climbing over top of one another to tell just how awesome CMC is, but the professors were just as excited to share what they knew on their subjects and the school as a whole.

Still, the coolest thing by far was realizing how perfect CMC is for me. I knew it was a fantastic institution that had everything I wanted – I wouldn’t have applied ED II otherwise, but the admitted students weekend showed me that CMC is the place that I am meant to spend my next four years. Now, I am not even nervous for august. In fact, I am dying for the school year to begin so that I can finally see the amazing people and experience the awesomeness that I know I only saw a fraction of during admitted students weekend.

In short, I don’t care how far you have to go or how much stuff you have to do back home. If you can go to admitted students weekend, do it.

– Isabel W., Crofton House School ’12

AdmissionsRaffi Freedman