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High School

We provide private and semi-private tutoring in all high school subject areas, as well as AP course tutoring and BC provincial exam preparation (grades 10-12). We also offer instruction in essay writing, an important skill for all high school students to master prior to university.


We offer private and semi-private tutoring in Social Sciences, Humanities, Kinesiology, English, Science, Engineering, Business and Law courses. Rasul Learning group also offers assistance in writing PhD and Masters theses. We specialize in academic essay and research paper writing instruction.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is an important part of the application process for many schools, as test scores can serve as general indicators of a student’s ability for admissions officers.

SSAT (High School admissions):

The SSAT is an admissions test for high schools around the world, especially the United States and Canada. It is comprised of four sections – Quantitative, Reading Comprehension, Verbal, and a Writing Sample. Click here to learn more about the SSAT.

SAT I (U.S. college admissions):

The SAT I is taken for U.S. college admissions, and the PSAT is taken in grade 10 or 11, acting as a precursor to the SAT. Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school. The test is comprised of three sections – Critical Reading, Math, and Writing – and is scored out of 2,400. At least half of all students take the SAT twice — in the spring as a junior (grade 11) and in the fall as a senior (grade 12). Most students improve their score the second time they take the SAT. Click here to learn more about the SAT.

SAT II (Subject Tests for U.S. college admissions):

SAT Subject Tests are admissions tests for U.S. colleges that test particular subject areas. Each of these tests is one hour long and is scored out of 800. Rasul Learning Group offers test preparation for Literature, Math Level I, Math Level II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, U.S. History, and World History. Click here to learn more about the SAT Subject Tests.


ACT (U.S. college admissions):

The ACT is taken for U.S. college admissions and can be taken in lieu of the SAT I and SAT subject tests for some schools. The test is divided into four sections – English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning – and is scored out of 36. Rasul Learning Group can help students identify whether they are more suited for the ACT or the SAT. Click here to learn more about the ACT.

GRE (Graduate School admissions):

The GRE is an admissions test for graduate schools. This test is comprised of three sections – Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning – and is scored between 130-170. The GRE is used for admissions to graduate schools across all fields of specialization. Click here to learn more about the GRE.

LSAT (Law School admissions):

The LSAT is an admissions test for graduate law schools across the United States, Canada, and various international countries. The test is made up of six multiple choice sections, five of which will compose the student’s test score. Questions will test reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning, and the test is scored out of 180. Click here to learn more about the LSAT.


MCAT (Medical School admissions):

The MCAT is taken for admission to graduate medical schools mostly in Canada and the United States. This is a computer based test that is scored out of 528. It tests the following subject areas: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviour; and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills. Click here to learn more about the MCAT.

GMAT (Business School admissions):

The GMAT is taken for graduate business school admissions. This test does not measure business knowledge or skill, but tests quantitative reasoning, integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. It is scored out of 800. Click here to learn more about the GMAT.

LNAT (UK Law School admissions):

The LNAT is an admissions test for graduate law schools in the United Kingdom. The test is composed of one essay and 42 multiple-choice questions that test reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills. Students are given 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the test and the test is scored out of 42. Click here to learn more about the LNAT.


BMAT (Bio-medical admissions):

The BMAT is an aptitude test used for admission to Bio-medical programs, such as medicine, veterinary medicine, or biomedical sciences, in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands. The BMAT is composed of three sections – Aptitude and Skills, Scientific Knowledge and Applications, and a Writing Task – and is completed in 2 hours. Click here to learn more about the BMAT.

UKCAT (UK Medical and Dental admissions):

The UKCAT is an admissions test for graduate medical and dental schools in the United Kingdom. This computer based test is composed of four
reasoning tests – Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract
Reasoning, and Decisions Analysis, and one Situational Judgment section. Click here to learn more about the UKCAT.


Private Tutoring

Students can greatly benefit from private tutoring, whether it is for high school subjects, university preview, or college courses, to improve their grades and ensure that students’ transcripts accurately reflect their ability.

At Rasul Learning Group, we understand the importance of academic achievement, from the elementary school level through to the university level. We work to help students improve their grades to better reflect their ability, as well as to help students gain a better understanding of the subject material, which is crucial in programs and classes that are cumulative from past courses.

We provide private one-on-one tutoring to students in subject areas such as Math, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, and other Social Sciences. We have an experienced team of subject specialists who will create personalized teaching plans and techniques for each student to best suit their learning style.

Our tutors work with each student in private sessions to get the most out of each session, as it can be much more effective than tutoring in a classroom style setting.

Home Schooling

Homeschooling is a good option for students who take part in time-demanding athletic programs, or for those in similar situations. Homeschooled students can benefit from the BC Distance Education Curriculum, the Rasul Consulting Curriculum, or AP Course Instruction.

BC Distance Education Curriculum

We offer personalized course instruction for all subject areas for grades 1-12, including Provincial Exam preparation for Grade 12 Provincial Exams. This is greatly beneficial because it is the same curriculum that a student would be learning in a traditional elementary or high school environment, and will allow homeschooled students to enter their first year of university with the same knowledge level that a traditionally schooled student would have. We teach BC Ministry of Education approved courses and through our experience, we can advise students on which courses are best suited for them, thus creating a very personalized teaching plan.

Rasul Consulting Curriculum

Rasul Learning Group offers a unique high school curriculum created by Founder and Director, Zahra Rasul, whose experience in curriculum writing stems from her time as a professor at the University of Toronto.

This curriculum follows the course material prescribed by the BC Ministry of Education, but uses innovative interdisciplinary ideas and pedagogies to engage students in subject areas. Instead of learning science, math, history, languages and literature as distinct subjects, the Rasul Consulting interdisciplinary curriculum presents the ideas to students in ways that encourage integrative thought and critical thinking skills. By thinking outside the box, students are better prepared to meet the challenges of rigorous university curriculum as well as develop the necessary skills to think through problems that face their generation. This curriculum is perfect for home-schooled students, as well as those who seek to spark their creative thinking abilities.

AP Course Instruction

Many high schools in Canada do not offer Advanced Placement courses as part of their academic curriculum, or offer only a select few courses. Our educators offer AP course instruction in a number of subject areas, preparing Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to write AP exams offered annually in May. These exams are particularly important for students who wish to apply to U.S. colleges.

Our courses of instruction include: English Language, English Literature, French Language and Culture, European History, World History, Comparative Government and Politics, Human Geography.

University Level Distance Education Instruction

Technology has opened up the educational frontiers, offering students innovative and flexible ways to structure their academic paths. A study conducted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Education Forum Project cites that in Canada, over 90% of post-secondary educational institutions now offer online and distance learning courses, which comprises the fastest growing method of educational content delivery. 

Online learning has become an appealing option for people who have full-time jobs, or students who choose to take a mix of lecture-based and distance education courses. However, many students are unable to access the tangible support they need to facilitate the best academic experience in this format.

At Rasul Learning Group, we provide academic support and assistance to students who take classes by distance at universities in Canada and the United States in Social Sciences, Humanities, Kinesiology and Law. Whether you are a mature student doing a part time degree, or a full time undergraduate or graduate student taking some classes online, we can offer the individual support that you need to take full advantage of your education.



Canadian and U.S. Private Schools

Private schooling is a popular choice for many students, especially the American private school system, for students who seek admission to U.S. colleges or want to play their sport of choice at the college level. However, admission to both the Canadian and American independent school system has become increasingly competitive over the past decade.

Canadian Private Schools JK-12

At Rasul Learning Group, we take the guesswork out of the admissions process by assisting families in navigating this complex system and helping students to apply to the schools of their choice. We work with families to create a “profile” that best packages a student to stand out in the admissions process, as well as provide hands-on support for entrance examination testing, interview preparation, and application responses.

Our team of consultants are not only parents, but also alumni of private schools and elite colleges and universities, who understand the needs of a family and the intricacies of the admissions process. Not only do we offer a unique perspective through our many years of experience, we are also parents of kids in schools and have served on boards and committees within the independent school system. We are able to remove the unknown of the application process because we know the differences in each of the schools and we provide hands on application assistance, as well as interview preparation for both the child and the parent. We specialize in admissions for those seeking entrance throughout PK – 12.

We have experience with all private schools in Vancouver, Surrey, West Vancouver, and Delta. We are also familiar with schools all across Canada, such as Upper Canada College (Toronto), Branskome Hall (Toronto), Havergal College (Toronto), Lower Canada College (Montreal), Strathcona Tweedsmuir (Alberta), and various schools on Vancouver Island.


U.S. Private Schools Grade 9-PG

Both the school selection and application process can be daunting and confusing. Many students hire private consultants in the U.S. to assist in the application process, but they do not understand the intricacies of the Canadian education system. From differing grading systems to disparate curriculum, Canadian schools model their education in ways that often require translation in order to make candidates appealing to U.S. high schools.

At Rasul Learning Group, we offer the assistance families need by facilitating a smooth application process. From SSAT testing to financial aid applications, we pay attention to the details and break down the components to make the process as easy as possible. Looking into the future, we understand the relationships that schools have with colleges and know the benefits of attending a reputable boarding school.

Over the years, Rasul Learning Group has helped our clients gain admissions to elite boarding schools across the U.S., including Middlesex School, Phillips Andover, Phillips Exeter and St. Marks. In addition, we help our students through the process of athletic recruitment to boarding schools with the top athletic programs. We understand the relationship that schools have with colleges and use our experience to facilitate the application process for families.

Canadian and International Undergraduate Education

Canadian students have a number of options for quality undergraduate education today. Many students choose to stay in Canada, while others are interested in pursuing professional degrees directly out of high school in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. At Rasul Learning Group, we provide advice, guidance and support for families in the Canadian and international undergraduate application process to ensure students find an educational path that is best suited to their goals and aspirations.

Canadian Undergraduate Admissions

At Rasul Learning Group, we work closely with the student to truly understand the educational experience they desire and tailor this information in order to explore the vast options across the Canadian university landscape. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the multitude of programs offered across the country and the various academic, extracurricular and personal conditions that are required for successful admission. We leverage this expertise in order to match the student with those programs considered to be the ‘right fit’ for them to ensure students are admitted to schools that they will enjoy and flourish in.

In addition, our consultants work closely with the student and the family to ensure all administrative activities associated with the application process are accurate, complete and done on time. We understand what admissions officers are looking for and we specialize in helping students write broad based admissions profiles. We are also familiar with funding opportunities of schools across Canada and can advise families on this area of the application process.

Over the years, our students have been admitted to almost all of the top programs and schools across the country.   As it is becoming more competitive each year, the need for specific expertise and understanding of not only the application process but also the student profile is extremely important. Our expertise is exemplified by the recent admission of one of our students to the Queens University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QUARMS) program at Queens University. This is a direct entry program that accepts only ten students every year directly out of high school and is considered to be one of the most challenging applications in the Canadian application system.


Other notable programs of which our students have been admitted include:


In addition to these programs, our students have also received large scholarships such as the Loran Scholarship, TD Scholarship, Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship ($80,000), and Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship ($60,000-$80,000).


International Undergraduate Admissions

Although many of our students apply to Canadian or U.S. colleges and universities, we have advised several students looking to pursue undergraduate and direct entry professional programs in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean. Applying to international programs can be confusing for families, but at Rasul Learning Group, we make this process easy because we understand the intricacies and details of the international application processes.

We also offer standardized test preparation for tests needed for admission to international undergraduate schools, such as the LNAT (Law), UKCAT (Medicine), and BMAT (Medicine).

U.S. Colleges

The American College system is perhaps the most complex and compelling educational structure in the world. The unique focus on excellence in undergraduate education founded on liberal arts curricula makes U.S. colleges an attractive choice for Canadian students.

Yet each year, thousands of Canadian students are rejected for admission to U.S. colleges. The competition for limited spots is fierce, and tens of thousands of American students have the distinct advantage of private educational consultants who guide them through the process.

At Rasul Learning, U.S. college admissions comprise the centre of our business. We believe in giving Canadian students a leg up on the admissions process by providing the most comprehensive hands-on support from beginning to end tailored specifically to Canadian students. Whether students seek admission to Ivy League universities or smaller “Hidden Ivy” liberal arts colleges, Rasul Learning consultants and coaches will create the “best fit” list of schools for each applicant. We do not believe in a “cookie-cutter” process advocated by many educational consultants who work in this area.

Most families come to us when the student begins high school in Grade 9, and we work to create the best individualized path for each student to the colleges that best fit their needs.

U.S. college admissions services include:

  • Course planning to optimize AP and Honours courses

  • Private tutoring in specific subject areas

  • Meetings with students and families at regular intervals to guide them through the admissions steps

  • Assessment of and advice about grades, academic merits, extracurricular profiles, and athletics

  • Preparation of curriculum vitae for application profile

  • Individualized standardized testing plan beginning in grade 10

  • Personalized list of schools for each student that are “best fit”

  • Creation of student “profile”

  • Set up of college tours and preparation for college visits

  • Hands-on application support including essay guidance and coaching in essay writing styles

  • College interview preparation

  • Guidance with making decisions about admission, including personalized college selection matrices

Our results speak for themselves. Since the inception of Rasul Learning Group, we have enjoyed a 100% success rate with students gaining admission to schools of their choice. 90% of our students are accepted through early decision to U.S. colleges.

Rasul Learning Group specialists create a personalized plan for each student in order to find the best-fit school based on his/ her interests, strengths, and the qualities the student desires for his/ her undergraduate experience.

In the past five years, students working with Rasul Learning Group admissions consultants and specialists have been accepted to the top Ivy League, “Hidden Ivy” and other prestigious U.S. universities and colleges including:


U.S. Universities and Colleges


Boston College 

Boston University

Brandeis University

Brown University

California Institute of Technology 

Carnegie Mellon University 

Case Western Reserve University 

College of William and Mary 

Columbia University 

Cornell University 

Dartmouth College 

Duke University 

Emory University 

Fordham University 

George Washington University 

Georgetown University 

Georgia Institute of Technology 

Harvard University 

Johns Hopkins University

Lehigh University 

Madison, WI

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

New York University 

Northeastern University 

Northwestern University 

Ohio State University— Columbus 

Pennsylvania State University

Pepperdine University 

Princeton University 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rice University 

Stanford University

Tufts University 

Tulane University 

University of California— Berkeley 

University of California— Davis 

University of California— Irvine 

University of California— Los Angeles  

University of California— San Diego

University of California— Santa Barbara

University of Chicago 

University of Florida 

University of Illinois

University of Miami 

University of Michigan— Ann Arbor 

University of North Carolina

University of Notre Dame 

University of Pennsylvania 

University of Rochester 

University of Southern California 

University of Texas— Austin 

University of Virginia 

University of Washington 

University of Wisconsin— Madison 

Vanderbilt University 

Wake Forest University 

Washington University in St. Louis 

Yale University


U.S. Liberal Arts Colleges

Amherst College 

Barnard College 

Bates College 

Bowdoin College 

Bryn Mawr College 

Bucknell University 

Carleton College 

Claremont McKenna College 

Colby College 

Colgate University 

College of the Holy Cross 

Colorado College 

Davidson College

Dickinson College

Franklin and Marshall College 

Grinnell College 

Hamilton College 

Harvey Mudd College 

Haverford College

Kenyon College 

Lafayette College 

Macalester College 

Middlebury College 

Mount Holyoke College 

Oberlin College 

Pitzer College


Pomona College

Scripps College 

Skidmore College 

Smith College 

Soka University of America 

Swarthmore College 

University of Richmond

Vassar College 

Washington and Lee Univ

Wellesley College 

Wesleyan University 

Whitman College 

Williams College

Graduate School and Professional Program Education

Today’s competitive job market requires that students have the best training possible to secure meaningful employment.

Research conducted by Georgetown University based on 2009 U.S. census data shows that those with graduate degrees earn at least 33% higher median yearly incomes than their counterparts with Bachelor’s degrees in every occupational area.

At Rasul Learning Group, we understand the importance of and competition for quality graduate education. Whether individuals choose to apply to professional programs such as Law, Business or Public Policy, or a research-based MSc/ MA/ Med and/or PhD program, our team of consultants provide the necessary career counselling and planning to Canadian students, and hands-on support to secure a place in the best graduate schools and programs across the country and abroad.

Rasul Learning Group has helped our clients gain admission to a wide range of programs, tailoring applications for a variety of focuses including Social Work programs, Master of Fine Arts programs in New York City, Masters of Education at OISE, Programs in Europe, and Medical School in Ireland.

Over the years, our team of consultants has leveraged their expertise and personal experiences as graduate students in order to help our clients gain admission to a variety of programs, tailoring the applications for specific areas of interest and highlighting the clients skills. We work closely with each client to identify those programs that are a right fit. Drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our consultants, the search for the right graduate and professional degree programs can span the globe. Many of our clients have been admitted to programs outside of Canada including the U.S. and Europe. In addition, we also have experience with the CARMS Residency Matching system and fellowship applications.

Last year alone, Rasul Learning Group helped clients prepare MBA applications for Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, Sauder School of Business at UBC, Stern School of Business at NYU, Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, Wharton School of Business at UPenn, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, Kellogg at Northwestern and London Business School in the UK.

Athletic Recruiting


Canadian student-athletes are in demand at U.S. Division 1 Universities. There are currently record numbers of Canadians playing Div 1 basketball, lacrosse and golf at U.S. universities.

The opportunities to compete in sport at a high level and get a great education are endless for Canadian students who choose to pursue this path. For those athletes looking to compete in their chosen sport at the varsity level, Rasul Learning Group provides the necessary advice and guidance to assist families in understanding the complex rules of the NCAA recruiting process. We empower students to be in charge of their athletic opportunities all the while taking advantage of the opportunity of obtaining a world-class education.

At Rasul Learning Group, we tailor the recruiting process to each individual athlete, by learning about their sport, understanding their ability, as well as keeping track of each student’s standardized testing progress. We make this process easy because we are familiar and have experience with the recruitment process. We advise families on how to put together an effective athletic resumé, reach out to coaches, attend showcase events, prepare for standardized testing, and gain official and unofficial visits to schools, to name a few.

Our team of consultants has many years of experience with the recruitment process and are former NCAA Division 1 athletes. We combine this knowledge and experience with our admissions expertise to open as many athletic and academic doors as possible.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in registering with the NCAA Clearing House

  • Creating an “athletic profile” and sports CV to send out to coaches

  • Creating a final school list and helping with admission decisions

  • Liaising between coaches, universities and families

  • Preparing students for official and unofficial visits

  • Standardized testing preparation

  • Preparing applications for admission

  • Course planning to ensure academic requirements are met

Rasul Learning Group clients have been highly recruited by many NCAA Division 1 schools across many different sports. Past and present clients have been competing at the following schools:

Interview Preparation

RLG’s Comprehensive 360° Interview Prep™

We offer high quality, intensive interview prep through our Comprehensive 360° Interview Prep program for the following:

  • U.S. college interviews

  • U.K. traditional and MMI interviews

  • Canadian medical school, physiotherapy, midwifery, and pharmacy MMI interviews

  • U.S. graduate school interviews

  • Australian and Irish dentistry and medical school interviews

  • Business school interviews

  • Job interviews



Study Abroad Programs

Canadian students can gain valuable experience and knowledge through study abroad programs.

Whether students apply for a summer in high school or college/university, or a GAP year between high school and college/ university, we advise and coach students through selecting and applying to the programs of their choice all over the world.

Career & Educational Counseling

Many high school students, young adults and even older adults find themselves at a fork in their educational or occupational careers. At Rasul Learning Group, we provide career and educational counseling to help people decide which path to pursue by providing options that offer the opportunity for fulfillment and success.

Summer Planning

Summer is the perfect time for students to foster their interests and build their CVs.

At Rasul Learning Group, we provide counseling and guidance that enables students to make the best choices about how to structure their summers. Beginning in Grade 9, U.S. college-bound students have to prepare their summer planning carefully in order to remain competitive for admission. We advise students on the best academic study abroad programs, travel service-based programs, volunteer opportunities, internships and/ or work experience opportunities, and provide hands-on support to secure these positions.

Family Business Planning

In owning and/or operating a family business, families are faced with a unique set of challenges not seen in other areas of the business world. Not only are you responsible for the viability of the business, the health and well-being of your family has a major impact on the successes of the family business.

Rasul Family Legacies – Education for the Business Family

Recognition of those unique challenges faced by business families, Rasul Learning Group’s team of consultants and family business facilitators bring the focus back to education.

Building upon the deep relationships developed with our clients, Rasul Learning Group is able to understand not only the goals and aspirations of a business family, but also the needs of those families to ensure that all members of the business family are prepared and ready to carry on the family legacy for decades to come.

Working closely with all members of the business family and its team of advisors, we implement a phased approach to identify the specific roles and responsibilities of the business family today, tomorrow and into the future. We utilize this information to create detailed development plans focusing on education, leadership, and mentoring, to name a few.

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