June SAT

One more day!

This is typically the time when students approach “panic mode”.

Do any of the following sound like you?

1) Staring at a question repeatedly without your brain processing the information?

2) Making silly errors that you would not ordinarily make?

3) Running out of time on sections that are normally fairly seamless for you?

4) Frantically reviewing math questions and concepts, feeling like the information just isn’t sticking?

5) Sleeping with your SAT book either next to or even in your bed??

Here is our biggest piece of advice:


Congratulations! Your studying has come to an end. I promise you will not learn anything new in the next 24-48 hours. Close your books and hide them. Watch a movie, spend time with your friends or family, go for a run, and go to bed early!

If you MUST do anything — the only productive options are to review your examples for your essays or review your vocabulary words. But no opening books! The information is in your heads already, and will resurface on Saturday morning.

Good luck, happy gridding, and don’t forget your number 2 pencils!