SAT Results June 21

It’s that time of the month again: SAT results from the June 2 test date will come out this week!

When you get up at the crack of dawn to check your scores, keep in mind:

1. Your section break down is more important than your composite score; don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get to your goal score on the first try.

2. (Relatedly), Super Score is your friend! Keep in mind that you will be target-studying a different section for the October test, so rejoice in the best scores you achieved in this setting and don’t dwell on the ones that didn’t go as well as planned!

3. Celebrate, take a break, and regroup for your Fall studying. You have the whole summer to prep for the October exam, so take your time to plan out your study schedule effectively. It’s a lot easier to study for the SATs when you don’t have school exams, tests, and projects to worry about…