Common Application Woes Cause Additional Anxiety for Students

The updates to this year’s Common Application is causing stress for students and schools alike. Typically used as a blanketed (or common) application for a number of U.S. Colleges, the Common App recently had a face lift… causing technological stress and other dysfunction to the online site.

“Problems became evident as soon as the application was released in August, including some confusing wording that was later changed. Students who thought they had finished the application found that it was incomplete because questions had been added after its release. As changes were made, some who had started their applications early found themselves locked out of the system.”

With early application deadlines fast approaching, Common App is trying to fix glitches in formatting, payment and submission. Since the application process is focused on attention to detail, the glitches are taking that control away from students as essays appear garbled or missing characters on screen. Admissions officers at schools are also feeling the burden of the late release, saying that they may have to add extra staff in order to release early acceptance decisions in December.

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