Why All Education Consultants are Not the Devil

In recent years, education consulting has emerged as a growing trend throughout the U.S. and Canada. This is a result of the increase in the number of college applicants and the highly selective acceptance numbers that some top institutions boast. Not to mention that parents are dedicated to ensuring their child has the best possible chance of getting into a top tier school.

So what do good consultants do? They take the time to get to know their students. Here at Rasul Learning Group, we have a hands on, personalized approach to tutoring, application, essay writing, course planning and standardized test prep. It is important to note that good education consultants give honest advice, empower students to be more self-aware, answer questions thoughtfully, do their research about schools, regions, academics and programming, and be knowledgeable when giving advice to students.

Good education consultants work in conjunction with high school college counselors in schools, they don’t interfere with them. School counselors have a very important role in a student’s life, it is just not the same role that education consultant plays. Counselors have an entire class of students to focus on, so while they can send transcripts, suggest teacher recommendations and navigate the school, they don’t always have time to spend get to know each student’s passions, strengths and academic aspirations. Education consultants, on the other hand, can provide the personalized time and support in order to empower students.

At Rasul Learning Group, we are dedicated to working with high school counselors in order to ensure our students thrive during the college and university application process. For more information on our services, please reach out to hello@rasullearning.ca. We look forward to this year’s application season!