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Lars Neufeld

PhD (c), MA (History), BA

U.S. College Admissions Specialist, UK University Admissions Specialist, Canadian University Admissions Specialist, Social Sciences/English Specialis

Lars grew up on Denman Island, among the northern Gulf Islands, and he spent most of his youth swimming, drawing superheroes, and mountain biking. He attended high school in the Comox Valley, graduating first in his class and receiving subject awards in history, English, and English literature. Lars enrolled in the History Honours Program at the University of British Columbia, where he began taking Mandarin Chinese and earned highest standing for his undergraduate thesis.

After taking a year off to travel in China and teach English to Korean and Chinese exchange students here in Vancouver, Lars moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he completed an MA and then began his PhD in History at Harvard University. Fascinated by international travel, eccentric outliers, and the power of storytelling, he decided to focus his research on the lives of the merchant mariners who sailed ships for the British Empire in Asia and Africa. In Cambridge, Lars taught history, essay writing, and study habits to dozens of Harvard College undergraduates.

Having returned to Vancouver, Lars is taking time off from his PhD to enjoy the BC air, read lots of British and American fiction, and think about his dissertation. In his spare time he loves running, cooking, and rifling through used bookstores despite his dust allergy. At Rasul Learning Group, he enjoys stoking enthusiasm for all forms of history, English, politics, anthropology, and sociology.


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