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Peter Raven

PhD (c), MSc (Zoology), BSc

Math/Science Specialist

Peter grew up in southern Ontario and moved to Alberta as a teenager.  He excelled in the full International Baccalaureate program at Salisbury Composite High School before enrolling in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Alberta. In order to specialize in Marine Biology, Peter moved to Vancouver in the fall of 2000 to complete his undergraduate degree at UBC.  Following his degree Peter was granted a summer research award and worked in the Department of Zoology until the beginning of his Master’s Degree on the genetic control of growth and brain function in salmon in partnership with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  He continued to lead projects for Fisheries for 5 years before switching to The Vancouver Prostate Center at Vancouver General Hospital and applying his expertise in genetics and endocrinology to prostate and bladder cancer research.  Peter has recently entered his PhD in Experimental Medicine at UBC and has received a prestigious Canadian Institute of Health Research scholarship.

Throughout his education Peter has always had a passion for teaching. He instructed four lab courses during his Master’s degree at UBC and has completed the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program focussing on effective teaching practices. Over the past few years Peter has taught part of a program at UBC entitled Science 101, designed for disadvantaged and returning students who wish to pursue an education.  He is also a part of the Vancouver School Board West 1 Community Schools team where he leads an after school science class for elementary school students. Peter believes in being an active part of the community and is a member of the community outreach programs such as Let’s Talk Science, the Youth Science Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Health Research Synapse program.

Peter has trained visiting researchers, mentored grad students, supervised summer students and tutored for many years. He is always excited to share his experience and to help others achieve success in their pursuits.

Peter enjoys drawing and has pursued this passion at Emily Carr University. He is especially interested in ancient classical history and literature which he has also studied at UBC. Peter has travelled throughout Central America, South East Asia, China, Japan, Russia and Europe.  He was also heavily involved in Scouting and enjoys the outdoors, soccer, computers and graphic design.

Peter specializes in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science, and also teaches SAT Math and ACT Math and Science. He particularly enjoys preparing students for the Math 10 and Science 10 Provincial exams, as well as the SAT subject tests in Math I, Math II, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.


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