Grade 12 English Provincial Exam: Narrative Essay Prep

The writing prompts on the original composition portion of the English 12 final tend to fall into certain thematic categories. Therefore, students can prepare by compiling a list of story ideas addressing the typical themes. With luck, you will be able to draw upon a previously planned narrative to assist you during the exam.  Try brainstorming and developing a narrative related to each of the categories outlined below.

Overcoming challenges/dealing with adverse circumstances/learning an important lesson. Past exam prompts include:

  • Self-awareness leads to meaningful change.
  • Challenging circumstances lead to positive actions.
  • Each stage of life brings new choices.
  • Adapting to new situations in life is essential.
  • Certain events change our impression of life.

Responsibility/independence/maturity. Past exam prompts include:

  • With independence comes increased responsibility.
  • Our views of the past change as we mature.
  • Certain experiences can mark the beginning of maturity.
  • Keeping an open mind allows for growth.
  • Our journey into the future begins in the past.
  • Taking charge of your own life is worthwhile.

Family/relationships/connections with others in the community. Past exam prompts include:

  • Role models influence our lives.
  • Experiences shape relationships.
  • We learn the most from the people closest to us.
  • Forming meaningful connections may enrich lives.

An “interesting” experience/unexpected events/surprises/change. Past exam prompts include:

  • Differing points of view make life interesting.
  • Surprise can make life interesting.
  • The pursuit of freedom involves change.

Values/character. Past exam prompts include:

  • The important things in life endure over time.
  • A good life does not have to be complex.
  • The best gifts are the simplest ones.
  • It is important to have a realistic view of life.
  • Being sincere is important.